. . . about 18:23 on a Tuesday, 21 September . . . and I just spammed a comment on the “About” page because there was nothing here.

I spend 4 to 5 hours per day, cutting, stitching, pressing . . . stitching – holy crap this is like work. I don’t post here as often as I had planned to mainly because I tend to use my other blog . . . it has a category for the boro concept project and its bookmark is closer to the top of my bookmarks and, therefore, gets clicked first because of its position in hierarchy of the listing.LO

I should post more photos of the shop and the works in progress . . . maybe tomorrow – right now I’m getting ready to clean-out a spare room for an alternative workspace here at the base camp . . . probably should create a “Gallery” page just for photos (random and otherwise) . . .




. . . 65 years old, born in the year of the monkey (suru), printmaker (wood block and lino-cut), potter (slip-casting, wheel and hand-building) and JUKI operator.


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